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So Sophisticated: Part 1

March 26 2020

Giselle Wright has always lived a life of luxury. Never wanting or needing for anything. Her moderately-successful father, Justin, has always done everything in his power to make sure that his baby girl had everything that her heart truly desired. But when he passes unexpectedly, Giselle has to figure out how to manage on her own, for the first time in her life, and she doesn't yet know if she can handle it alone.



February 14, 2019

The moment that, Seanna Traylor's, mother went to prison and her father took her to live with her 'other' family, her entire life went on a downward spiral. Her father had been living a double life from as far back as she could remember, and her two sisters and their bitter mother, showed her exactly what they thought of her, every opportunity that they got.


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